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Slaying the Gorgon book by Joe McHugh

Welcome to my web site. My name is Joe McHugh and I have been a storyteller and educational consultant for more than thirty years. I also help organizations use stories and imagination to foster a spirit of community while inspiring effective action in an increasing complex and troubled world. Sharing stories provides us with an opportunity for reflection, a stepping back from the hustle and bustle of the marketplace and the public square, to rediscover our passion and sense of direction. Storytelling can also help us appreciate the need for enchantment in our collective lives. It would be my pleasure to work with your organization to help kindle that enchantment.

Joe McHugh
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As producer and host of the public radio series The Telling Takes Us Home, a Celebration of American Family Stories, I visited communities throughout the United States to record people telling their family stories. It has been a wonderful adventure, one rich in new friendships and unexpected connections. In 2013, I plan to launch a blog, in which I will offer a daily audio story from The Telling Takes Us Home archive, along with a short commentary. Some of the audio stories will be told by well-known writers and musicians such as Pete Seeger, Jim Hightower, Lee Smith, Thomas Moore, Jane Yolen, Utah Phillips, Laurie Lewis, Kevin Burke, and Peter Rowan. But well-known or not, each story will be a “corker,” as my grandfather used to say. And although I am new to the blogosphere, I am confident that with the help and encouragement of my wife Paula and daughter Anna, we will all have a whale of a good time and perhaps pick up a bit of wisdom in the bargain. So stay tuned for details about this exciting new chapter in the Telling Takes Us Home project.

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